Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 1Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 2Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 3Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 4Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 5Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 6Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 7Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 8Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 9Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 10Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 11Vase No.5 | Gold
Product image 12Vase No.5 | Gold

Vase No.5 | Gold

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This flower vase features a large double handle.

The center of gravity is at the bottom and the top is slender, giving it a stable shape.

※ Please note that each piece will have a slightly different finish, and that you cannot choose the shade, pattern, or shape.

~ About the Gold Series

Gold crystals are floating on matte black to dark brown. Depending on how the light hits it, it looks matte or metallic.


・Size: W15cm H21cm

・Weight: 1000g 

・Material: earthenware


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