botanical poster blackberry
botanical poster blackberry
botanical poster blackberry
botanical poster blackberry
botanical poster blackberry
botanical poster blackberry
botanical poster blackberry
Product image 1botanical poster blackberry
Product image 2botanical poster blackberry
Product image 3botanical poster blackberry
Product image 4botanical poster blackberry
Product image 5botanical poster blackberry
Product image 6botanical poster blackberry
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botanical poster blackberry

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A member of the tree strawberry, blackberry. It is a plant that is lovely and beautiful with its colored fruits growing thickly. In fact, it is a botanical art poster that softly draws a blackberry with an impressive leaf shape and expresses it with a special paper and printing method.


For the paper, I chose a paper that has straw-like fibers in it so that you can feel the texture of the material. It has a rough texture and a firm thickness, and the natural colors create a rustic and gentle atmosphere.


Also, the printing is uneven. done by letterpress printing, The ink uses matte astringent gold. The line art has become more impressive.


I dared to revise it many times so that it didn't have too much presence. The scientific name and MIHANALY are engraved on the bottom.


The size is small A5 (14.8 cm × 21.0 cm), so you can easily decorate it anywhere.

You can enjoy a variety of decorations, such as rough decoration with masking tape, grand decoration using a mat on a slightly larger frame, or arranging multiple pieces. It's a simple line drawing, so it's an interesting botanical art that changes the atmosphere depending on the material and color of the frame.


~   About the size of the forehead~

The perfect size is A5. If you want to make the most of the blank space, we recommend cutting it into eight pieces. The cut size of the mat is about 5 mm smaller in length and width.205mm×143mm is just the right size.

The amounts used in the product photos are all the above sizes.


【  Product Information 】

botanical poster blackberry

size : 14.8cm×21.0cm

*Frame not included.

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